It starts with you, not us

We begin by listening. To where you and your organization are, and where you’d like to be.

Then we ask questions. To clarify, to learn more about what’s working and what’s not.

Our intention is to discover how we can help your organization make the most of your relationship capital: an intangible that promises to add economic value and improve your bottom line.

This typically takes two to three conversations. From there, On Purpose will identify options for the most productive, fruitful path forward for your organization, team, or individual contributors.

Individuals & Teams

In any organization, people value intelligence, skill and experience.

But what counts most is emotional intelligence. Numerous studies show that the single greatest predictor of success in any job—at any level—is emotional intelligence. This is the ability to know yourself, manage yourself, and to use that ability to understand and interact productively with others.

When people consistently put emotional intelligence to work, they are able to be effective in relationships with colleagues, team members, clients/customers and business partners. They are creating relationship capital, interaction by interaction.  

This ability may come more easily to some than to others, but almost everyone can enlarge their capacity to grow and sustain mutually productive, satisfying and rewarding work relationships.

Wherever you are in this process, we will meet you there. We’ll use the Enneagram, a powerful and accurate system for developing emotional intelligence, to create a clear understanding and awareness of strengths and growth areas.

Then we’ll work with you to identify where training may be needed to build skill in communication, conflict resolution, giving/receiving feedback, leading others and maximizing team performance, for example.

Organizations & Business Units

For organizations, making the most of working relationships starts with discovering uncontested strengths—what sets you apart in creating mutually productive, satisfying and rewarding business relationships with customers/donors, partners/suppliers and employees. If these strengths are hidden, we help you find them and bring them out.

From there, we collaborate with you in how you can best play to your strengths, by identifying priorities and action steps that:

  • Improve service to clients/donors, connecting them even more closely to your organization

  • Integrate your uncontested strengths into work life, improving employee engagement and organizational performance.

Through finding your key strengths—lead, supporting and aspirational—we help you arrive at what truly sets you apart. Then we help you draw upon those distinctions to truly succeed.

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