“Monirah is the consummate professional in everything she does. Timely, accurate, smart and inventive, she is customer-focused, results-oriented, and a delight to work with.”

—Ginger Lapid-Bogda PhD | Author Consultant Trainer Coach


“Monirah Womack is indeed a gifted and accomplished Enneagram teacher. Her grace, wisdom, and compassion are deeply felt by all who work with her. I am honored to share my heartfelt endorsement.”

–Mary Anne Wampler | Co-Founder, Transform Inc. + Past President, Enneagram Association in the Narrative Tradition

Here’s what our clients have to say

“Over the past year we have worked with Monirah and the Enneagram, reintroducing and implementing this model throughout our organization. Through the exploration of our individual typing together, we have learned a lot about each other. We have become better communicators, more informed leaders as well as trusted co-workers with both our peers and subordinates. I would be remiss if I did not state the phenomenal job Monirah continues to do with our organization as our Enneagram consultant. She knows the Enneagram and speaks the language of each type fluently. She helps zone in on those attributes of individuals to help them with their self-selection without being overbearing or judgmental in the process. I don’t think you get much better than Monirah Womack when it comes to this work and more, as it relates to human relations and resources.”

–Kim | Non-profit Operations Manager

“Working with Monirah as a business coach has done more for my career than any other decision I’ve made. Monirah doesn’t need the traditional tough love approach; instead she facilitates clarity. The personal ‘aha’s’ she’s helped me reach are intrinsically motivating and have produced amazing results in my professional growth and for the bottom line of my employer.”

– Melanie | Client Experience and Marketing Executive

“Over the past few years, I have consulted with Monirah/On Purpose on several occasions when faced with an especially challenging work situation. Her knowledge of principles of the Enneagram has helped me form more effective and satisfying relationships at work. Monirah has helped me understand how to leverage my natural inclinations and personal style to find solutions that work for everyone. I feel better prepared and more confident in my ability to approach challenging situations in a productive, non-confrontational way that builds stronger business relationships—within my organization and with key stakeholders and clients.”

– Melissa | Community Planning Professional

“What I value most about the Enneagram training for our organization is that it went far beyond self-identification of Enneagram style. We had opportunities to learn so much about each other and our selves, and how to approach and work with team members more effectively based on their individual styles. Taking the time to apply what I have learned has helped me navigate work situations with greater comfort and confidence. I cannot thank you enough for this eye-opening experience!”

– Keri | Non-profit Executive

“There is an adage in the realm of personal growth that says a teacher can take a student only as far as she has gone herself. Monirah has done her own work well and has been able to receive and reflect my questions throughout the stages of my development in my Enneagram work with her. I’m so grateful for Monirah’s gifts of grace, compassion, and acceptance because they have made all the difference in my ability to stay the course and to look forward to each session with her. I just can’t imagine a more experienced and kinder guide.”

– Sarah | Social Work Professional