Relationship Capital
What’s it worth?

Productive relationships with customers/donors are essential to sustainability:

  • Organizations with happy customers—and high relationship capital—make more money: each one-point increase in customer satisfaction results in a seven percent increase in cash flow.
  • When it’s time to raise prices, launch a new product or a fund-raising campaign, data show that strong customer/donor relationships provide a platform that supports change and makes it financially rewarding.
  • Where there is high relationship capital with customers/donors, there is corresponding internal relationship capital, higher workforce engagement and lower employee and customer turnover. Replacing a lost customer costs at least twice the original acquisition cost at a minimum, often more. And replacing a lost employee costs 1.5 to 2 times compensation cost.

We help you build relationship capital and put it to work

Delving into the secrets of personality

We don’t offer standardized answers. But what we do offer is a proven system and framework that anchors our work. This system of understanding human personalities is based on research and application, and it has a strong track record in bringing out the best in teams, business units and organizations when combined with proven coaching and organization development practices.

What is an “Enneagram?”

The Enneagram is a profound map illuminating the nine different architectures of the human personality. (From Greek: Ennea = “nine.”) More than a typology for predicting behavior, it’s a robust system that uncovers hidden motivations—what lies underneath each of the nine types’ unique, automatic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.

The beauty of this system is that it helps people better understand their own motivations and unconscious assumptions—while also realizing that there are eight other, equally valid ways of interacting with the world. As a result people develop greater emotional intelligence while becoming better equipped to take responsibility for their own behavior. More information is available on The Enneagram In Business and The Narrative Enneagram websites.

Collaborate better. Argue less.

What makes an organization successful? Most would probably answer with some combination of great products or services, solid business practices, far-sighted strategy, astute marketing, or financial strength. But while those things are important, relationship capital stands out as the key to enduring success over the long term.

Why? High relationship capital allows organizations to put more of their intellectual capital to work, providing more room to explore possibilities and learn from mistakes while nurturing creativity. Teams and work groups collaborate better, argue less, communicate more effectively and truly listen to customers and colleagues.

Our seven-step Relationship Capital Framework identifies the behavioral elements of organizational performance that create and strengthen relationship capital. This framework is meant to guide deeper discussion and exploration to bring the best out of your organization.

We’d love to put our proven processes to work for you. Let’s start the conversation.